School Readiness Tip: How to teach your child to ask for help

  According to Sonja Walker, teacher and best-selling author of  SCHOOL READY: A practical and supportive guide for parents with sensitive kids, starting school is about more than lunchboxes, library bags and early literacy. Here she shares a top tip for helping your child build confidence in time for big school.   Teach your child […]

Practical tips for easy high school transition

  Is your child starting high school next year? These practical tips will make starting Year 7 easier for you and your child. The move from Year 6 to year 7 is a big one for kids… And for first time parents, transition to high school also brings changes as children not only moving schools, […]

Parent resources: How Manage Mean Kids and Playground Politics

  It can be difficult to help your child to develop the social skills and resilience they need to cope with playground politics. As an adult, understanding how these skills develop in children may be helpful start as you parent your child. Equally, resources that you can use with your child to build their understanding […]

Checklist: Year 4 & 5 Maths Milestones

Is your child keeping up with Year 4 or Year 5 Maths? This Maths skills summary, from experienced teachers who provide Maths tuition at Kids First Children’s Services in Sydney’s northern beaches, provides an easy guide to the kinds of Maths tasks your child should be mastering this year. In Years 4 and 5, your child’s maths […]

How to help your child make a successful start to school

  Is your child ready to make a happy, confident start to ‘big school’ next year? Going to school is a big step for little kids, and there are many skills that they need to have mastered in order to make the best possible start to Kindergarten. Although your son or daughter may be old enough to […]

Fussy eaters: Why families seek help from feeding therapists

  If your child is a fussy eater, you might have worries about your children’s nutrition, growth and development. You might also be concerned about the relationship difficulties that arise when you and your child fight over food and meal-times. SOS Approach to Feeding therapists at Kids First Children’s Services in Sydney’s northern beaches explain […]

Fussy eaters tip: Take the drama out of dinner-time

  According to feeding therapists at Kids First Children’s Services in Brookvale, many families lead busy lives that make it difficult for their fussy eater to experience consistent dinner time routines. Below, they share some easy ways to help your fussy eater get used to sitting at the table.   Make family meals the norm […]

Fussy eaters tip: Let your children play with their food

  Feeding therapists at Kids First Children’s Services encourage fussy eaters to play sensory games with food outside of mealtimes. It might be messy, but there’s method in their madness. When children play with food, instead of being expected to eat it, they get exposure to new touches, smells and tastes that can help them […]